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Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Asha Shara Profile

Asha Shara Profile :

Full name: Asha Shara
Nickname: Asha
Gender: Female
Place & date of birth: Jakarta, October 27, 1987
Zodiac: Scorpio
Hobbies and Interests: reading a novel, watch the movie and others
Favorite Books: harry potter, chicken soup, lord of the rings
Favorite Movies: lord of the rings, harry potter, virgin etc
Favorite Music: nelly, ja rule, 50 cent, tatu, Gwen stefany, agnes monica
Favorite TV Shows: the one and the only extravaganza abg

Some soap operas starring Asha Shara distinguished among others:
Cintaku di Rumah Susun, Teman Ajaib, Permana Permata, Cinta SMU, ABG, Gue Ok Situ Ok, dan Pengantin Untuk Anakku. The name of the third daughter of three brothers pair Alatas Ismail Tahir and Ipa is becoming known after taking part in the extravaganza ABG play.

After getting roles in several horror films, his name will further soar. The film has ever starred in, among others, Rumah Pondok Indah (2006), Terowongan Casablanca (2007), and Hantu Jeruk Purut (2007).

Asha Shara Pictures Collections :

Asha Shara

Asha Shara

Asha Shara

Asha Shara

Asha Shara

Asha Shara

Asha Shara Biography :

Asha Shara, originally only known as the star newcomers who started his debut as an actor through the FTV assistant, Mawar Merah dan Mawar Putih director Jajang C. Noer. That role was, obtained by 'accident', while intended to deliver one of his friends to audition at a production house. Her actually asked to take part in the soap opera.

Asha Shara the bloody Arab-Aceh is in the course of his career a lot further to get a role in a number of soap operas, including among others, Cintaku di Rumah Susun together Anjasmara and Ramzi, soap operas Teman Ajaib, Permana Permata, Cinta SMU, ABG, Gue OK Situ OK and Pengantin Untuk Anakku. Not to forget also the role of comedy in the sitcom Extravaganza ABG helped popularize the name of the woman who was born October 27, 1987 it.

Acting increasingly popular nowadays to get a leading role in several films mystical smells like Rumah Pondok Indah (2006), Terowongan Casablanca (2007), and Hantu Jeruk Purut (2007).

In the movie Terowongan Casablanca, these artists have long noses, undergoing hot scenes with actor Nino Fernandez. Astari the scene in her role as Nana in the film made by director Istiabudi it, reap the pros and cons, although not up to making the film was censored. While the film Rumah Pondok Indah, Asha Shara role as Elsie, son of Firda (Chintami Atmanegara) and brother Ian (Ricky Harun). All three get the terror of the Maya, ghost house watchman who is on the region's beautiful cottage.

It is said in these films was Indika Entertainment production, Asha Shara never had possessed until then he confessed 'tired' to star in a horror-themed films.

Not only adept at acting, soap operas Doa dan Anugerah support this view of the presenter. His face can be enjoyed every morning infotainment events through GO SPOT.