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Jumat, 05 November 2010


sabria kono wallpaper
Full Name: Sabria Kono Sagita
Call Name: Sabria Kono
TTL: 1980
Occupation: artist
Religion: Islam

Sabria Kono began his career as a sports presenter her live in hotel or apaterment ini jakarta. Women born in 1980, has become a popular public when appearing hosted SPORTS LENS.The owner's full name Sabria Kono Sagita began expanding their work to try out acting. His name is more famous when starring sitcom laughter SUTRA.Beloved singer Willie Nelson was, had also played the big screen in 2005. He played in the movie I LOVE KAPOK.
sabria kono wallpaper

February 3, 2010, this beautiful artist formalize its relationship with Willie Nelson to the altar after 3 years of dating. Interfaith wedding in hotel was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Although married unaccompanied both parents, the couple confirmed it had received the blessing of each family. Bangkok was chosen because the marriage laws of different religions there are not too complicated. After getting married, Sabria spend more time at home to take care of her husband, though not dismiss that the world still misses the presenter. Bids soap operas no longer dijabaninya striping. Occasionally he was a guest star on several occasions.
sabria kono wallpaper

Besides her nickname Sabria also has starred in several soap operas that are still aired them up to now is the laughter of silk with colleagues including Pepi, ade namnung, Natasha Dewanti (former players), Aldiansyah Taher, kindness towel .. and others. In addition to playing the soap opera Sabria also played in a movie titled drama - comedy that is "cured met me fall in love"
sabria kono wallpaper