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Selasa, 02 November 2010

Foto Model Hot Cut Baby

Appearances can be deceptive, she appears very far from the typical model that glamorous. But that all changed suddenly, when he started taken of by the camera. Impression that he was really serious about choosing a career as a model, soon appeared. And it all started in the year 2007. When Cut Baby started up the choice to be a model. From the city of Medan, she moved to Jakarta. In the capital, armed with courage and steadfast conviction, he started everything. So now shooting for shooting dilakoninya seriously. But beneath it all, quietly beautiful virgin has just slammed the storm. Of course, now he was a great shake. But one day, the storm would blow over with bright who also arrived.

Cut Baby

Cut Baby

Since when have you dreamed of becoming a model?
Since I was still sitting in school. At that time, I was eager to plunge into the model.

Why would the chosen world model?
Why, well ... he ... he ... he ... Maybe because I was once a hobby in the photo.

So far, the photo shoot where the most fun?
Obviously in POPULAR. Photo t-o results-p once, cool ...

Not afraid of the image from a magazine that men are often regarded as a medium of 'negative'
Kicker. In fact, I like 'fight' habits. After all, who knows the process of shooting it, myself. Besides, during the photo shoot today, everything went fine. In fact, the crew of his crew from POPULAR nice and polite all. Splashy, deh, POPULAR same photo, ha ... ha ... ha .

Cut Baby

Cut Baby

Since when did the nine member body piercing are you?
Piercing of the tongue, since I was teenager. It was the first time I piercing. The rest, as I began to teenagers.

When piercing the tongue, what it feels like?
He said, hell, ill. But to me, ordinary. Besides, why it's nice if he had the piercing of the tongue. Besides I really love it in-piercing, it's fun to play, playing on my tongue piercing, ha ... ha ... ha ...

That said, if there is someone to do piercing in the tongue, the nerves in the tongue will be dead ...
No, really ... I still can feel the spicy, sweet, sour, sour and bitter.

There is intention to add a collection of body piercing?
I want to add two more piercing. The first, starting from the upper ear cartilage and penetrating to the bottom. Also on the brow.

Not intended for piercing in sensitive areas?
Ha ... ha ... ha ... I also want to anyway ... Looks like a good idea and should be the'agenda'

Reportedly also, piercing can be addictive ...
Damn straight! Similar to a tattoo ...

Piercing on your body, inspired or ...
Nothing! Want to try it alone. Anyway, when I'm facing a problem, more comfortable taking it with a piercing or a tattoo, he ... he ... he ...

Cut Baby

Cut Baby

In addition to adding piercing, there is intention to add tattoos?
I'm going to add tatoku indeed still 'own' it.

What kind of a new tattoo will be?

I want a tattoo bearing the name of someone at the Angel my body, he ... he ... he ...

With so many desire to add more piercing and tattoos, like what you describe yourself?
Many say I'm a psycho because it likes to hurt me with piercing and tattoos.

Ever have a desire that smelled of psycho?
I want to try one thing: having sex with a style S & M, ha ... ha ... ha ...

Ever realize that you desire with your boyfriend?
It seems not possible because my boyfriend just died ...

Condole ...
Fine. Relax ... Anyway, that's his own choice, really ...

June 2008 this month, my boyfriend's suicide ... In fact, he's still twenty-seven years. It happened that, while I was in Jakarta. Indeed, the actual status of his only ex-boyfriend. But, of course I was shocked when one of their relatives suddenly contacted me and informed me that my ex suicide. In fact, the night before it happened, I still managed to 3G's. At that time, she said she wanted to meet again with me. Of course I refused because I was busy in Jakarta. Then the next day, it happened ...
Honestly, I still could not figure out why he chose 'the road' it. Even though he's my ex, actually I still care. Love, even. But, if he was alive today, it seems I also can not be returned to him: too many properties that make bad I could not resist.

Sorry ...
Nothing. Just relax. Besides, it's already happened. But clearly, he was a man who is only in my heart: he who can make me feel alive. And, although this time he was gone, I still think he's still there ...