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Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

foto nikita willy

Biodata Nikita Willy, profil and biography cewek cute hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Nikita Willy
Nick name : Nikita
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : June 29, 1994
Zodiac: Cancer

Nikita Willy is a young acting star of Indonesia, who has starred in several advertisements, sinetron and movies. She began publicly recognized for her role in the sinetron ROMAN PICISAN with the actor from Papua, Evan Sanders.

Women born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994 is starting a career since the age of seven years through the sinetron BULAN BINTANG. Follow then the sinetron such as ROMAN PICISAN, RATU MALU DAN JENDRAL KANCIL, SI CECEP, HABIBI DAN HABIBAH, PACAR PILIHAN, PENGANTIN KECILKU and a FTV, MAK COMBLANG JATUH CINTA.

While as an advertising model, she never became a model for candy ads Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon cosmetic, food Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII and Roma chocolate wafer.

BESTFRIENDS? movie star player have the opportunity to play in the stripping sinetron in 2009 early, NIKITA. Sinetron directed by Maruli Ara and Gita Asmara Ara this, Nikita must compete acting with the actor Dude Harlino.

Nikita return approved as leading role in stripping the latest sinetron in September 2009, SAFA DAN MARWAH. Here, she again had to play as a character much older than actual age.

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