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Senin, 13 September 2010

Profil|Gambar Acha Septriasa Penyanyi|Artis Indonesia

Acha Septriasa or usually called Acha was born in Jakarta, 1 September 1989 was born with the name Jelita Septriasa. Acha was a singer and actress of Indonesia. Acha Septriasa began to plunge into the world of entertainment at wedding Sampul 2004. first film was "Apa Artinya Cinta?" (2005), which appear as supporting players Shandy Aulia. He became famous when the main movie with Heart Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah.

In the film Heart Acha Septriasa not be the only, Acha also to become performers in the film and soundtrack together with Irwansyah. Soundtrack album is getting a double platinum award, for Best Original Soundtrack of this year. Not only in Indonesia, Acha also well in Malaysia. Even songs bring in a duet with Irwansyah (the boyfriend), such as "Sampai Menutup Mata," "My Heart", and "Pecintaa Wanitaa", occupies top list in the leading radios
 Acha Septriasa
Foto Acha Septriasa

February 2008, Acha leave Indonesia for education in Malaysia. This is then to force rarely met with Irwansyah, and In the end the relationship Irwansyah and Acha previously always cordial end also.

Acha became the name of the increase in the year 2008, because the third person is suspected to be behind the damage to household Pasha Ungu and Okie. Although the conference has been conducted related to this problem, but disputed the Pasha does not have to give a gift to the special ultah Acha, even up to now watch the Pasha still kept by Acha

Acha be a lecture in Malaysia appeared to have stopped a moment. This is because, Acha currently completing his solo album and the contract is tied at one heading sinetron. Therefore, although the opposition had obtained from their parents, desperate tetep Acha leave for the course of existence in the world of entertainment ground water.

Koleksi Gambar Acha Septriasa

 Acha Septriasa

 Acha Septriasa

 Acha Septriasa