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Senin, 13 September 2010

Profile Baim Wong

Baim Wong was born in Jakarta, 27 April 1981 is the artist indonesia. This man was the son pair of Johnny Wong and Martaatmadja. First started his career in 2001 as the player sinetron but a really serious in the sinetron world in 2005. Various sinetron was starring in baim wong, among other Cincin, Benci Bilang Cinta, Bukan Diriku, and Cinta Hilang Cinta Kembali. In sinetron Cinta Hilang Cintaa Kembali and new sinetron Pasangan Heboh, the man who called the original Muhammad Ibrahim was lucky because it a sinetron has rating high.

Foto Baim Wong

Meanwhile, related private life, Baim had a relationship with artists and performers beautiful Marshanda, but their relationship finally cracked and then Baim swipe daughter A Rafiq Dangdut singer, Fairuz Rafiq. Baim has been made even rape women is beautiful, although Fairuz rebut the charges and submit to the media that proclaim the false news.

And now tell Baim Wong has been in close to the girl. But not from the artists and their different religious

"I met him and know the same time in the friend's birthday and we are already close to two months," says Baim. Baim describe women who are now close to her that not come from the celebrities. Not only that, this Marshanda former girlfriend told him that his beloved and different religions.

"The problem is only one, different religions," he said.

Profile baim wong:
  • Full Name : Muhammad Ibrahim
  • Nickname : Baim Wong
  • Place / Date of birth (Tanggal Lahir) : Jakarta, 27 April 1981
  • Father's Name : Johnny Wong
  • Mother's Name : Kartini Martaadmadja
  • Religion : Islam
  • HEIGHT : 178 cm
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Hobby : Billiards

  • Color : Black
  • Food : Vegetable tamarind, peda fish, fried fish and fried petai

  • Waringin Kindergarten School, Menteng, Central Jakarta
  • Waringin Primary School, Central Jakarta
  • Waringin Junior School, Central Jakarta
  • Atmajaya University, Jakarta, majoring in Management