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Senin, 13 September 2010

Profil Syakieb wallpapers

Nabila Syakieb born in Bogor, West Java, 18 November 1985 is an Indonesian actress. . Nabila its career as a model. she was to plunge the world of entertainment since the age of 16, escaped while casting sinetron 'Cinta SMU " portray the Putri. Arab women bleed this known when the headline "Anakku Bukan Anakku"

Who ever that is starring in, among other Pilihah Aku, Maha Kasih, Taqwaa with Indra Lesmana Bruggman and Darling. After that Nabila Syakieb play of sinetron Ratu with Christian Sugiono but very short story. and the latest is sinetron Kasih with Cristian Sugiono and other stars such as Yosafat Giovani Tobing, Alice Norin.

nabila addition also appeared in several ads such as Pop Mie, McDonald, Son-C, cosmetics and teenage daughter. Nabila at this time still was a student Paramadina University, Jakarta.

Wallpaper Nabila Syakieb

Although the artist has become famous, nabila still adhere to principle in the world's entertainment career. One of the principles lovers Yuri Ihza Mahendra is he does not want to do scenes like smooch intimate embrace with the opponent or play.

Nabila often appear in various sinetron produce a bid to play in the big screen. In 2009, Nabila with Ashraff Sinclair in the first horror movie, THE REAL Pocong. Other collection Nabila Syakieb wallpapers

Koleksi Foto Nabila Syakieb

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