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Senin, 13 September 2010

Profil Dinda Kirana artis kecik

Dinda Kirana

Dinda Kirana career in the world of entertainment is very good. Dinda ray in 2004 to get public Lomba Cipta champion Stars Television. after that of the original ray Dinda Tasikmalaya moved to Jakarta and stay in the capital. Dinda was still 9 years old and the new rising class 4 SD. In the period of 4 years have been playing this Dinda in Title 36 Sinetron and FTV. The role of main findings Dinda Through sinetron "One uncle nephew Three" and FTV Girls Chatting.
Dinda kiranaa still school class 2 SMPN 7 Bekasi, the characters portray coquettish girl, modis, a bit selfish, but loyal friends in the sinetron cocoon. "The character of Baby I peranbya difference in the daily ku.Aku original tomboy, simple like a simple, not coquettish, demure, but spoiled and like grooming hehehehe. So many people upset over the School in the cocoon. They say. 'Why you Dinda coquettish banget sih? "Dinda said.
Dinda most young lho in Genk De'Rainbow. baru14 years of age. So I wonder if he called Acil location syuting. "He was friendly to the crew and the pupa. May be because most young it is, "auntie Lia comments, Ibunda Dinda. Oiya, what with the school schedule Dinda? "I tetep wieldy same school schedule. Sometimes I leave in a week syuting in the last hour lessons. School is very medukungku, especially the School, Pak Hartono Untung, "it is often accompanied Dinda Tante Lia location syuting. Oops, ortu Dinda lho willing to move to Jakarta in order to support the career Dinda.

Dinda Kirana

Profil Dinda Kirana Yang Jga berperan dalam Sinetron Kepompong

  • Full Name: Dinda Kirana Sukmawati
  • Familiar names: Dinda
  • TTL: Tasikmalaya, 30 April 1995
  • Hobbies: Sing song, shopping
  • Aspiration: The doctor specialist child
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • Favorite color: Blue

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Dinda Kirana