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Senin, 13 September 2010

Foto|gambar jembatan Suramadu|Surabaya-Madura

Suramadu bridge is one long bridge in Southeast Asia, this is certainly a pride of east Java function to connect Surabaya and Madura. Making the bridge has cost up to spend 4.5 trillion rupiah and the day was Wednesday, 10 June 2009 by SBY.

say tariff to pass this bridge will be cheaper 40% -60% if you compare using the ferry, around 2250-3000 rupiah to motor, and 30,000 rupiah to the car. This bridge was be regarded as strong in the take into account akan resistant to the earthquake that has occurred, about 7 SR and resistant to the wind speed 350 km / hour.

successful development Suramadu bridge had become a struggle between the president and claim presidential candidates. Megawati even the overt andilnya jimmy bob up and down as a "crier" bridge at the time of the president. Not only was the speech, also claims it was delivered via a banner / baliho large extend on the bridge before the ceremony. Beep greeting banner is thanks to the completion of development of Megawati on this bridge.

In the laim, many issues that are developing new inaugurated a few days, jembata suramadu this has been lost. Mur, bolts and lamp-lighting the lamp is missing.

But police station Bangkalan rebut this case, that is not true that many mur and bolts or lamp on the bridge Suramadu lost. That's only a rumor circulated for public mendiskreditkan Madura.

Foto Koleksi Jembatan Suramadu