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Senin, 13 September 2010

Foto Payudara Dewi Persik DiPegang

Dewi persik
Foto Payudara Dawi persik dipegang

After the tragedy kamben dewi persik melorot, and there are photos circulating anunya dewi persik in the hold, where dewi persik more in touch "anunya" is invited by the person with the image. Fleeing from tragedy a touch fans on the sensitive parts of a dewi persik going on in front of journalists.

Might want to keep the image as a new widow, dewi persik reaction not like the photos where he previously enjoyed at the touch of the same photo session with fans. This time dewi persik hard to react. with the first strike.ago to follow in the rather powerful wallop.

This is probably the reason why the saiful jamil, her husband that people dispose off while bathing trunks throw in to the sea, decided to divorce the wife of the Jonas Brothers. Jamil saiful not want to spare the wife for umbar in general. and a public consumption

However, because of career, the dewi persik eventually willing to be the widow of the command must follow the husband of the goddess who expects more modest in dress. Dewi persik aware correct, his popularity is not located on his vocal, his fame was not located on the face. he is very aware, that the oscillation, and the plus is the section he can survive in the competitive world Dangdut indonesia

Dewi persik only one of the many performers who have capital, and show the section to achieve fame. Inul daratista with rocking "ngebornya", Uut Permatasari with rocking "ngecornya", or may anisa Bahar rocking with the "pata-patahnya "as first successful with weight gain in the bulge indicates the quality of vocal appeal.

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Dewi persik

Dewi persik

Dewi persik