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Senin, 13 September 2010

Foto Hot|Nakal|Syur Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa photo below looks unprincipled. Acha looks so sexy and hot. according to the confirmation Acha, who is in the image is not the image itself but its younger brother. Indeed, at a glance, is similar to the Acha Septriasa. Anyone is a clear picture hot acha septriasa already a topic in the community of late.

Acha Septriasa
menurut konfirmasi Acha, orang yang berada di foto tersebut bukan dirinya melainkan foto adiknya

Acha Septriasa

There are two images that circulate. In the first photo, girls look similar Acha lean in the right thigh of a man who did not appear to face. Clothing Irwansyah former boyfriend is really minimal.

The girl wearing clothes similar Acha canal with the basic color pattern of white flat green, yellow, red. Berbelahan clothes chest that is very low. Position slightly bend, making clear the chest exposed. Roknya clothes that also make it very short shorts in color hitamnya, visible.

In the second photo, the more similar Acha posing prankish again. Still wear the same clothes in the same location, is suspected in a night club, right hand holding a cigarette. Acha women face such as the long kecokelatan it looks unprincipled. Talking stick out.