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Senin, 13 September 2010

Foto Hot Ciuman Cinta Laura dengan Pria Bule

Two photos Cinta Laura Kiehl lips smooch with a male bule wide circulation on the internet. Cinta reveal his anger to find the photos that should have saved the meeting was wide-spread, that disappointed because I have friends who spread the fraudulent photos personality. because I thought the problem was split so that syuting sinetron disrupted. "Cinta subject at once so annoyed because the photos spread," said Herdiana Kiehl, mother Cinta Laura.
Cinta laura Ciuman

Cinta laura Ciuman
Foto Cinta Laura Ciuman

Menurut Ibu Cinta laura cowok bule yang mencium Cinta Laura merupakan teman dekat dan kru film Cinta.

Profile & Wallpapers Cinta Laura

According to mother Cinta Laura, bule man who kissed Cinta is a close friend and the love of film kru. This is because the do not want to love many repeat scenes smack in front of the camera. Therefore, I learn smooch behind the camera with a close friend is.

Cinta Laura is also about the views from the public related photos osculation it is. "Of course Cintaa angry because the photos. But, I want more. Respond later if I even so much, "said Herdiana.

Many journalists who ask the truth Cintaa two images that smooch. Herdiana until the questions are bored. "Not important. But, why we are angry (photos of) distributed on the internet, "said Herdiana. According to him, the scene in the picture is more appropriate if I called almost kiss.